Missouri Baptist Childrens Home

MBCH President's Update

In the last issue of The Messenger I mentioned that the Board of Trustees had adopted a strategic plan with five goals. I now want to expand a little more on the first goal, which is to “ensure the integrity of the agency by providing appropriate services.” As I wrote then,...

Missouri Baptist Childrens Home

MBCH Staff and Board of Trustees Celebrate and Honor Russell Martin for 40 Years of Ministry

The staff and the MBCH Board of Trustees each held celebrations honoring Russell Martin on his 40 years of ministry at Missouri Baptist Children’s Home. Staff met on June 20 – the actual anniversary date –while the Board held its celebration on July 24 as part of the regular quarterly meeting....

Missouri Baptist Childrens Home

Women's Ministry Corner

  Women in churches all over the State continually have questions and request assistance with Women’s Ministry within the local church. One of the most interesting things about Women’s Ministry is that each church can set it up to meet the needs of the women in the church and the community they...

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MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Five Things to Consider if You Want to be a Foster or Adoptive Parent

If foster parenting and adoption has been placed on your heart for a while but you are not quite sure everything you should consider, this list may help you. Here are a few things to ponder when considering becoming a foster parent or adopting children from the foster care system: 1. Does...

The LIGHT House

Mothers All The Same: Families reunite more than a decade after adoption

Regan Mills had twice the reason to celebrate this Mother’s Day. As she has for years, Regan took time on May 13 to honor her mother Amanda with her siblings Nathan and Luke and their father, Jon. She also spent part of the day acknowledging her birth mother, Meagan Parks, who she...

MBCH Children and Family Ministries

Will You Help Change the Lives of Children As They Prepare to Go Back to School?

Children and teenagers from all of our programs will be going back to school. With your help, we will do everything possible to prepare them for the next step in their lives. Dear Friends, I am often asked by supporters, “Does my gift really make a difference?” Of course I understand the concern...

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MBCH Foundation

New Events to Show Your Support for MBCH Foster and Adoptive Families

MBCH has a long history of unique special events across the state. The goals of these events are to 1) raise awareness for the ministries of MBCH, and 2) raise important dollars to support the work of MBCH and its affiliates. The various festivals we have had across the state have served...

MBCH Foundation

Results Demonstrate that You Help Us Make a Difference in Lives

Jay was a former resident in the TLSSA program (Transitional Living Scattered Sites Apartment). While in TLSSA, Jay completed high school and learned life skills needed to live independently. Jay left the program with a part time job and to go live with family. We typically do not hear from these youth...

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The LIGHT House

LIGHT House Gala Update

The Gala for The LIGHT House was held at the Armacost Automotive Museum in Grandview, on May 13. Guests enjoyed a great meal catered by Garozzo’s and a tour of the museum. The event raised nearly $30,000 for the ministries of The LIGHT House through ticket sales, sponsorships, silent auction and donations. Cars...

Missouri Baptist Childrens Home

Strawberry Festival 2017 Update

A large crowd enjoyed the beautiful facilities of First Baptist Church, Arnold at the 126th Strawberry Festival. Beautiful donated quilts and crafts continued to be feature items at the Festival and the number of craft vendors continued to grow. Children and young families found the free children’s area to be a great...

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