MBCH Children and Family Ministries Pregnancy Services – St. Louis area

If you are interested in residential placement, please call (314) 739-6811 or email intake@mbch.org.

MBCH Children and Family Ministries Pregnancy Services/Transitional Living home is now open in the St. Louis Area!

The residential services are provided in a wonderful large home that is clean, beautifully furnished, and private. Our staff provides a loving and friendly environment for the young women who come to live there, and each client is made to feel comfortable.

The home is conveniently located in the St. Louis metro area and young ladies (16-18) are housed twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. Parents or guardians are encouraged to stay in contact with their daughters while they live there.

Services Provided

  • Accepting teens 16 to 18 years old that are pregnant or with young child that are ready to prepare for independence.
  • Staff and Volunteer mentoring
  • Educational / Vocational Guidance
  • Prenatal Education and Support Classes
  • Life Skills
  • Parenting Classes
  • Budgeting Classes
  • Medical, mental health, and spiritual support
  • Accepting 5-8 clients per year