Scarlett came to MBCH Children and Family Ministries with a blue backpack, three outfits, and a stuffed tiger—and that was it. Neglect was all she had ever known, and few foster families could cover the cost of starting from scratch. For that matter, neither could most MBCH donors.

So instead, help came one gift at a time. It started with a couple named Michael and Cindy, who gave $100 so Scarlett could pick out new clothes (like a dress, red sweater, and pants). After that, a college student named Sarah donated $50 to provide Scarlett’s meals during her first week in her foster home. Every week afterward was the same: like manna, donations came one by one. There was $20 from Nick, a high school sophomore, for one session of Christian counseling; $250 from a class of third graders raised by a young couple with toddlers that helped send Scarlett on a retreat; and $70 that Joe and June Weston family gave to give Scarlett’s foster parents respite care so they could unwind and process for a few days.

Now, Scarlett and her family are looking forward to their next step: adoption. It will take just $100 to provide Scarlett’s parents with an adoption assessment so they can continue walking with Scarlett toward restoration. They don’t know where they’ll find the money, but they count up God’s promises instead of cash, knowing manna will come when they need it most.

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