The MBCH Women’s Ministry serves churches, women’s leaders, teams, and women’s & girl’s groups with resources, conferences, training, and events throughout the state of Missouri and beyond. The Women’s Ministry team also works closely with abuse victims and children needing assistance.

Our purpose and goal is to reach women and girls with the gospel and to disciple and train them to do ministry to those in a culture that is very toxic.

Our work deals with every aspect of womanhood. Women and girls are looking for Christians who are transparent and who will share their own struggles with them so they might avoid so many of the pitfalls that beset women and girls these days.  Women are hurting in so many ways, particularly with children going into alternative lifestyles, and our churches need support to step up and help them deal with these issues. Additionally, we are seeing countless numbers of women coming forward with their own stories at the mere mention of abuse.  We seek counseling and help for them, and we have the honor to pray over and for them. Numerous supportive groups meet to help women work through the horrors done to them and to heal. One of our regional leaders works with attorneys and judges throughout the State on these cases and regularly appears in court on behalf of the victims.  This is a ministry unlike any other within the church or community.

For Women’s Ministry resources, Lifeway study resources, or information about holding a training clinic at your church contact Wanda Shellenbarger at 417.529.0724.

Women’s Events